Top 16 Instagram Trending Reels You Should Try in 2024

Hey there, young Instagram stars! Are you ready to become the next big thing on Instagram? Today, we’re going to explore the latest Instagram trending reels you should try in 2024. These fun and exciting reels will help you get more likes, and followers, and have a blast while creating them. Let’s dive in and discover the coolest reels you can make this year!

1. Dance Challenges

Dance challenges are always a hit on Instagram! In 2024, there are some new and exciting dance trends you can try. Grab your friends, learn the moves, and get ready to show off your dance skills.

Why Dance Challenges are Awesome:

  • Fun and Energetic: Dancing is a great way to have fun and stay active.
  • Popular: Dance challenges often go viral, helping you gain more followers.
  • Creative: You can put your twist on the dance moves to make them unique.

How to Create a Dance Reel:

  1. Learn the Moves: Watch popular dance challenges and practice the moves.
  2. Find the Music: Choose a trending song that matches the dance challenge.
  3. Record Your Dance: Use Instagram’s reel feature to record your dance.
  4. Add Effects: Use cool filters and effects to make your reel stand out.
  5. Share and Tag: Post your reel and tag friends to join the challenge.

2. Funny Lip Syncs

Lip-syncing to funny audio clips is a great way to make people laugh and get more views. Find some hilarious sound bites and create your funny lip sync reels.

Why Lip Syncs are Fun:

  • Entertaining: Making funny faces and acting out scenes is super fun.
  • Easy to Create: You don’t need any special skills, just a good sense of humor.
  • Engaging: People love watching and sharing funny videos.

How to Create a Lip Sync Reel:

  1. Choose a Sound: Find a popular or funny audio clip to lip sync to.
  2. Practice: Practice your lip sync until you get it just right.
  3. Record Your Video: Record yourself lip-syncing to the audio.
  4. Add Fun Effects: Use filters, stickers, and effects to make it more hilarious.
  5. Post and Hashtag: Share your reel with hashtags to reach more people.

3. DIY Craft Projects

Show off your creative side with DIY (Do It Yourself) craft projects. In 2024, there are tons of trending DIY ideas that you can try and share on Instagram.

Why DIY Crafts are Cool:

  • Creative: You can make something unique and show off your skills.
  • Educational: Teach others how to make fun crafts step by step.
  • Satisfying: There’s a great sense of accomplishment in creating something yourself.

How to Create a DIY Craft Reel:

  1. Choose a Project: Pick a fun and easy craft project to make.
  2. Gather Materials: Get all the supplies you need.
  3. Record the Steps: Record each step of the process, showing how to make the craft.
  4. Edit and Speed Up: Edit your video to speed up the boring parts and focus on the key steps.
  5. Add Instructions: Use text overlays to add instructions for each step.
  6. Share and Inspire: Post your reel and inspire others to get crafty.

4. Pet Adventures

Everyone loves adorable pets! Create reels featuring your furry friends and their adventures. Whether it’s a funny moment or a cute trick, pet reels are always a hit.

Why Pet Reels are Adorable:

  • Cute Factor: Pets are always cute and lovable.
  • Relatable: Many people have pets and love seeing others’ pets.
  • Engaging: Pet videos often get lots of likes and comments.

How to Create a Pet Reel:

  1. Capture Cute Moments: Record your pet doing something cute or funny.
  2. Add Fun Music: Choose a fun and upbeat song that matches the mood.
  3. Use Effects: Add filters and stickers to highlight your pet’s personality.
  4. Share the Love: Post your reel and watch as people fall in love with your pet.

5. Food and Recipe Hacks

Show off your culinary skills with food and recipe hacks. Create reels that demonstrate quick and easy recipes or fun food hacks that everyone can try.

Why Food Reels are Yummy:

  • Delicious: Everyone loves looking at delicious food.
  • Helpful: Teach others how to make yummy dishes and snacks.
  • Creative: Food presentation can be very creative and visually appealing.

How to Create a Food Reel:

  1. Pick a Recipe: Choose a simple and tasty recipe or food hack.
  2. Gather Ingredients: Make sure you have all the ingredients ready.
  3. Record the Process: Record each step of making the dish.
  4. Show the Final Product: Showcase the finished dish in a mouth-watering way.
  5. Add Instructions: Use text overlays to add recipe instructions.
  6. Post and Tag: Share your reel and tag it with food-related hashtags.

6. Fitness Challenges

Instagram Trending Reels

Get moving with fitness challenges! Share your workout routines, challenges, and tips to inspire others to stay active and healthy.

Why Fitness Reels are Motivating:

  • Healthy: Encourage others to stay active and healthy.
  • Engaging: Fitness challenges are fun and interactive.
  • Inspiring: Motivate others to reach their fitness goals.

How to Create a Fitness Reel:

  1. Choose a Workout: Pick a fun and challenging workout or fitness activity.
  2. Record Your Workout: Record yourself doing the workout, showing proper form and techniques.
  3. Add Motivating Music: Choose an upbeat and energizing song.
  4. Use Timers: Show how long to do each exercise.
  5. Post and Challenge Others: Share your reel and challenge your friends to join in.

7. Travel and Adventure

Take your followers on a journey with travel and adventure reels. Whether you’re exploring new places or showcasing your hometown, travel reels are always exciting.

Why Travel Reels are Exciting:

  • Explore the World: Share beautiful and interesting places with your followers.
  • Inspire Adventure: Encourage others to explore and travel.
  • Visually Stunning: Travel videos are often filled with beautiful scenery.

How to Create a Travel Reel:

  1. Plan Your Adventure: Choose a location or activity to showcase.
  2. Record Highlights: Capture the best moments and scenery.
  3. Edit for Impact: Edit your video to highlight the most exciting parts.
  4. Add Location Tags: Tag the locations to make it easier for others to find.
  5. Share Your Journey: Post your reel and share your travel experience with the world.

8. Science Experiments

Show off your inner scientist with cool and simple science experiments. These reels are both fun and educational, perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Why Science Reels are Awesome:

  • Educational: Teach others about science in a fun way.
  • Interactive: Encourage others to try the experiments themselves.
  • Exciting: Science experiments often have cool and surprising results.

How to Create a Science Experiment Reel:

  1. Choose an Experiment: Pick a simple and safe science experiment.
  2. Gather Materials: Make sure you have all the necessary materials.
  3. Record the Experiment: Show each step of the experiment and the final result.
  4. Explain the Science: Use text overlays to explain the science behind the experiment.
  5. Share and Inspire: Post your reel and inspire others to explore science.

9. Magic Tricks

Amaze your followers with fun and simple magic tricks. These reels are perfect for showing off your skills and entertaining your audience.

Why Magic Reels are Magical:

  • Entertaining: Magic tricks are always fun to watch.
  • Impressive: Show off your skills and impress your friends.
  • Interactive: Encourage others to try the tricks themselves.

How to Create a Magic Trick Reel:

  1. Learn a Trick: Practice a simple and cool magic trick.
  2. Record Your Trick: Record yourself performing the trick, step by step.
  3. Add Music and Effects: Use music and effects to enhance the magic.
  4. Explain the Trick: Use text overlays to explain how the trick works (if you want to reveal the secret).
  5. Share the Magic: Post your reel and share the magic with your followers.

10. Fashion and Style

Show off your fashion sense with reels featuring your favorite outfits, styling tips, and fashion hacks. Inspire others with your unique style.

Why Fashion Reels are Stylish:

  • Creative: Showcase your unique fashion sense and creativity.
  • Inspirational: Inspire others with your style and fashion tips.
  • Visually Appealing: Fashion reels are often very stylish and attractive.

How to Create a Fashion Reel:

  1. Choose Outfits: Pick a few of your favorite outfits to showcase.
  2. Record Your Looks: Record yourself wearing and styling the outfits.
  3. Add Music and Effects: Use trendy music and effects to enhance your reel.
  4. Share Tips: Use text overlays to share styling tips and fashion hacks.
  5. Post and Inspire: Share your reel and inspire others with your fashion sense.

11. Book Reviews and Recommendations

Share your love for reading by creating reels that review and recommend your favorite books. Encourage others to discover new stories and adventures.

Why Book Reels are Wonderful:

  • Educational: Promote reading and learning through book recommendations.
  • Engaging: Connect with other book lovers and start discussions about your favorite books.
  • Creative: Use your creativity to make engaging and visually appealing book reviews.

How to Create a Book Review Reel:

  1. Choose a Book: Pick a book you enjoyed and want to recommend.
  2. Summarize the Plot: Briefly summarize the plot and main points of the book.
  3. Share Your Thoughts: Discuss what you liked (or didn’t like) about the book.
  4. Add Visuals: Show the book cover, illustrations, or related visuals.
  5. Encourage Reading: Motivate others to read the book by sharing why it’s a must-read.
  6. Post and Hashtag: Share your reel and use book-related hashtags to reach other readers.

12. Life Hacks and Tips

Teach others simple and clever life hacks that make everyday tasks easier and more fun. These reels can help people save time and improve their daily routines.

Why Life Hack Reels are Helpful:

  • Practical: Provide useful tips that can help others in their daily lives.
  • Creative: Show innovative solutions to common problems.
  • Engaging: People love learning new and easy ways to do things better.

How to Create a Life Hack Reel:

  1. Choose a Hack: Pick a simple and effective life hack to share.
  2. Record the Steps: Show each step of the hack, making it easy to follow.
  3. Explain the Benefits: Use text overlays to explain why the hack is useful.
  4. Add Fun Music: Choose an upbeat song to keep the reel lively.
  5. Share and Help Others: Post your reel and help others improve their daily routines.

13. Nature and Wildlife

Capture the beauty of nature and wildlife by creating reels that showcase stunning landscapes, animals, and plants. Inspire others to appreciate and protect the environment.

Why Nature Reels are Beautiful:

  • Visually Stunning: Nature reels often feature breathtaking scenery and wildlife.
  • Educational: Teach others about different animals, plants, and ecosystems.
  • Inspiring: Encourage people to spend more time outdoors and care for the environment.

How to Create a Nature Reel:

  1. Choose a Location: Pick a beautiful natural spot to film.
  2. Record the Scenery: Capture stunning views, interesting plants, and wildlife.
  3. Add Educational Info: Use text overlays to share facts about what you’re showing.
  4. Use Calming Music: Choose peaceful and relaxing music to complement the visuals.
  5. Share and Inspire: Post your reel and inspire others to explore and protect nature.

14. Art and Drawing Tutorials

Share your artistic skills by creating drawing or art tutorials. Teach others how to draw or create different art pieces step by step.

Why Art Reels are Creative:

  • Educational: Teach others how to draw and create art.
  • Engaging: Connect with other artists and art lovers.
  • Inspiring: Inspire others to start drawing and be creative.

How to Create an Art Tutorial Reel:

  1. Choose a Subject: Pick something fun and simple to draw or create.
  2. Record the Process: Show each step of creating the artwork.
  3. Explain Techniques: Use text overlays to explain the techniques you’re using.
  4. Add Music: Choose a relaxing or upbeat song to keep the reel interesting.
  5. Post and Encourage: Share your reel and encourage others to try the tutorial.

15. Challenges and Games

Create fun challenges and games that your followers can participate in. These can be anything from simple quizzes to interactive games.

Why Challenge Reels are Fun:

  • Interactive: Encourage your followers to participate and engage with your content.
  • Entertaining: Fun challenges and games can be very entertaining.
  • Creative: Use your creativity to come up with unique and exciting challenges.

How to Create a Challenge Reel:

  1. Choose a Challenge: Think of a fun and engaging challenge or game.
  2. Record the Instructions: Clearly explain the rules and how to participate.
  3. Show Examples: Demonstrate the challenge yourself or with friends.
  4. Add Fun Effects: Use filters, stickers, and effects to make the reel exciting.
  5. Post and Invite Participation: Share your reel and invite your followers to join the challenge.

16. Behind-the-Scenes

Show your followers what goes on behind the scenes in your life. Whether it’s preparing for a big event or just a day in your life, behind-the-scenes reels are always interesting.

Why Behind-the-Scenes Reels are Cool:

  • Personal: Give your followers a glimpse into your life.
  • Engaging: People love seeing what happens behind the scenes.
  • Unique: Share unique and special moments that aren’t usually seen.

How to Create a Behind-the-Scenes Reel:

  1. Choose a Day or Event: Pick an interesting day or event to document.
  2. Record the Process: Capture different moments and activities.
  3. Add Personal Touches: Use text overlays to share your thoughts and feelings.
  4. Use Music: Choose a song that matches the mood of the video.
  5. Post and Connect: Share your reel and connect with your followers on a personal level.


There you have it, young Instagram stars! These are some of the greatest Instagram trending reels you should try in 2024. From dance challenges and funny lip-syncs to DIY crafts and pet adventures, there’s something for everyone. Remember to be creative, have fun, and share your amazing reels with the world. Happy creating, and may your Instagram reels go viral!

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