Internshala 2024: Eligibility, Requirements & How to Apply?

Have you heard of Internshala but you’re not sure what it’s all about or how you can utilize it to search for internships?¬We’ve got the answer!¬†In this article, we’ll introduce Internshala and guide you through the steps to apply for an internship whether you’re either a student or a housewife.¬†You may be looking to gain valuable experience in the workplace, investigate various career options, or just earn some extra cash, Internshala has something for all.¬†Let’s explore the best way to begin your career by joining Internshala!

How do I use Internshala?¬

Internshala is the largest Indian educational and interning platform that connects professionals and students with internship opportunities online training, online courses, and workshops across a range of areas and industries.¬†If you’re a student looking for an internship to gain knowledge in your chosen field or a domestic worker who wants to investigate possibilities for a new career or to improve your abilities, Internshala offers a wide array of possibilities to help you meet your goals.¬

From internships at top organizations to online courses and workshops led by experts in the field, Internshala is your one-stop site for all things connected to internships and skills development.

How to apply for internship at Internshala?

How do I use Internshala

Are you ready to begin your internship experience through Internshala? Follow these instructions to submit your application for an internship:

Sign up to Create the account:

First step signing to create an account at Internshala.¬†It is done by visiting the site and clicking the “Sign Up” button.¬†Complete the necessary information such as your email, name, and password, and then verify your email address to complete the registration procedure.

Create Your Profile

After you’ve signed up to create an account, now is the time to fill out your profile.¬†Include information about your educational background, experienceas well as your interests and your work experience (if you have any).¬†A comprehensive profile can help employers assess your skills and connect you to suitable work opportunities.

Browse Internship Opportunities

After that, you can browse the listings of internships on Internshala to locate opportunities that meet your needs as well as your skills and experience. It is possible to search for internships based on location sector and duration, as well as stipends, and much more. Spend time reading the descriptions of jobs and guidelines to find internships that match your objectives and preferences.

Application for internships

If you’ve discovered internships that you are interested in now is the time to submit your application!¬†Click on the listing of internships for more information and then click the “Apply Now” button to submit your application.¬†You might be required to submit your resume, write an application letter, and answer specific inquiries during the application procedure.¬†You must make your application specific to each internship to maximize the chances of success.


After you have submitted your application Be proactive and follow up with your employers to let them know you are interested and ask regarding the progress of your application. This will show your enthusiasm and dedication to the internship. Keep an eye on your email to stay up-to-date and reply promptly to any email from employers.

Basic Requirements for Internship on Internshala:

  1. Background in Education: The most important prerequisite for applying for internships through Internshala is an education level that is at least. The majority of internships require applicants to be studying a degree program at a university or college. Some internships could also be available to recent graduates or those who are pursuing higher education. The requirements for education are different according to the position and the needs of the company hiring.
  2. Qualifications and Skills: Alongside having an educational background that is relevant Candidates must have certain qualifications and skills appropriate to the position they are applying for. These may include technical expertise like programming languages, graphic design, or data analysis and soft skills like communication teamwork, problem-solving, and communication. People with a strong skill set that is in line with the needs of the internship are more likely to impress employers and get the job.
  3. Flexibility and Commitment: Internship positions on Internshala usually require applicants in attendance for a specified period, which can range from a few weeks up to several months.¬†Applicants must study the list of internships to be aware of the commitment to time and to ensure they’re capable of fulfilling the requirements of the position.¬†In addition, applicants must be determined to complete the internship and willing to put in the amount of time, effort, and energy to get valuable experience and provide value to the business.
  4. Language Proficiency: Depending upon the role of the internship and the demands of the company hiring the applicants may be required to speak one particular language like English. Strong communication skills that are both verbal and written are usually required for internships where you interact with customers, clients, or coworkers. Candidates must be able to effectively communicate ideas, share information, and interact with colleagues professionally.

Eligibility Criteria for Internship on Internshala:

  1. Age Limit: Although there is no age requirement for applying to internships through Internshala The majority of internships are geared towards students or recent graduates. Candidates must be a minimum of 18 years old to be eligible for internships offered on the platform. There are specific internships designed specifically for young people, so it is important to read the criteria to be eligible for each listing of internships.
  2. Location: Internships offered on Internshala are open to applicants from all around the globe, however, the exact requirements for locations may differ depending on the type of internship offered and the preference of the employer. Some internships could be remote and accessible to applicants from anywhere, whereas other internships may require applicants to be located in a specific area or country. Candidates must be aware of the location information provided in the listing of internships to determine if they are eligible.
  3. Academic Background: Along with meeting essential education requirements, some applicants require a certain academic background or have engaged in a particular area of study to be eligible for specific internships. For instance, internships in the areas of finance, engineering, or marketing might require candidates to have an academic degree in the same subject. Candidates should be aware of the academic requirements to ensure that they meet the requirements listed in the listing of internships.
  4. Employment Authorizations: Candidates might be required to possess the appropriate visa or work authorization for legal be employed in the country where the internship will be. This is especially important for students from other countries or those who are studying overseas and want an internship in a different nation. Candidates must know about any requirements for work authorization and make sure they have the appropriate documents to be able to legally participate at the time of their internship.


Internshala is an excellent resource for students as well as women who are looking to intern to gain experience in the field as well as develop new skills and discover career opportunities. Following the steps described in this article by signing up to get an account, creating your profile, looking through the available internship opportunities, applying for internships, and contacting employers.

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You will increase your chances of landing an internship that is perfect for you. You may be a student hoping to start your career or a homemaker who wants to expand your prospects, Internshala offers a wealth of opportunities to help you reach your goals. So why put it off? Explore internships at Internshala now and take the first step to your dream job!

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