What is Shillong Teer Common Number?

Hey there, young archery enthusiasts! Have you ever heard about Shillong Teer and wondered what it is? Today, we will explore everything you need to know about Shillong Teer Common Number. We’ll talk about what Shillong Teer is, how to find the common number, and why it’s exciting for many people. Let’s dive in and learn more about this fun and unique game!

What is Shillong Teer?

Shillong Teer is a traditional archery-based lottery game played in Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, a state in India. It’s a game where archers shoot arrows at a target, and people place bets on the number of arrows hitting the target. The game is played in two rounds, and it’s trendy among the local people.

Why Shillong Teer is Fun:

  • Exciting Archery: Watch skilled archers shoot arrows at a target.
  • Chance to Win: People can place bets and win prizes based on their guesses.
  • Daily Event: The game is played every day, so there’s always something to look forward to.

What is the Shillong Teer Common Number?

The Shillong Teer Common Number is a number that many people believe has a high chance of being the winning number in the Shillong Teer game. It’s a kind of lucky number that people use to place their bets. This number is often predicted by experts who study past results and trends.

Why People Use Common Numbers:

  • Better Chances: Some believe that using the common number increases their chances of winning.
  • Expert Predictions: Experts analyze previous results to predict the common number.
  • Community Sharing: People share common numbers, creating a sense of community.

Where to Play Shillong Teer?

To play Shillong Teer, you need to be in Meghalaya, India. Here are some key places and ways you can participate in the game:

1. Teer Counters in Shillong

In Shillong, there are many official Teer counters where you can place your bets. These counters are licensed by the state government and are spread throughout the city. Here’s how you can find and play at a Teer counter:

Steps to Play at Teer Counters:

  1. Visit a Teer Counter: Find an official Teer counter in Shillong. You can ask locals for directions or look for signs that say “Teer Counter.”
  2. Place Your Bet: Once you find a counter, you can place your bet by choosing a number or numbers that you think will be the result of the archery rounds.
  3. Get Your Ticket: After placing your bet, you will receive a ticket with your chosen numbers and the amount you bet.
  4. Wait for the Results: The game is played in two rounds. The results are announced shortly after each round. If your number matches the result, you win!

2. Archery Grounds

The actual archery competition takes place at specific archery grounds in Shillong. While you can’t place bets directly on these grounds, you can watch the exciting archery action. It’s a fun experience to see the archers in action and be part of the live atmosphere.

Popular Archery Grounds:

  • Polo Grounds: One of the main venues for Shillong Teer, where many archers compete.
  • Sadar Police Reserve: Another popular venue for the archery competition.

3. Online Teer Platforms

In addition to physical counters, there are also online platforms where you can participate in Shillong Teer. These platforms provide convenience for those who can’t visit the counters in person.

Steps to Play Online:

  1. Find a Reputable Website: Look for a trusted online platform that offers Shillong Teer betting. Make sure it is licensed and follows the rules.
  2. Register: Create an account on the platform by providing your details.
  3. Deposit Funds: Add money to your account to place bets.
  4. Place Your Bet: Choose your numbers and place your bets online.
  5. Check Results: Results are usually posted on the website after each round. If your number matches, your winnings will be credited to your account.

4. Local Markets and Shops

In some parts of Shillong, local markets and shops also act as unofficial Teer counters. However, it’s important to ensure that these places are trustworthy and follow legal guidelines.

Tips for Playing at Local Markets:

  • Ask for Recommendations: Ask locals or friends for recommendations on trustworthy shops.
  • Check for Licenses: Ensure that the shop has a license to operate as a Teer counter.
  • Be Cautious: Be careful when placing bets and avoid shops that seem suspicious or untrustworthy.

How to Find the Shillong Teer Common Number?

Shillong Teer Common Number

Finding the Shillong Teer Common Number involves a bit of research and analysis. Here are some steps people follow to find today’s Shillong Teer Common Number:

Steps to Find the Common Number:

  1. Check Previous Results: Look at the results of past Shillong Teer games. You can find these results on various websites or local newspapers.
  2. Analyze Patterns: Experts analyze the patterns in the results. They look for numbers that appear frequently and try to predict future outcomes.
  3. Use Online Predictions: Many websites and social media pages share daily predictions for the common number. You can check these sites for the latest predictions.
  4. Community Discussions: Join online forums or local groups where people discuss and share their predictions for the common number.


Let’s say you want to find today’s Shillong Teer Common Number. You can start by looking at the results from the past week. If the number 15 has appeared several times, experts might predict that 15 could be a common number for today. You can then use this number to place your bet.

Why Do People Play Shillong Teer?

Shillong Teer is more than just a game; it’s a tradition and a social activity for many people. Here are some reasons why people enjoy playing Shillong Teer:

Reasons People Play:

  • Tradition: Shillong Teer is a part of the local culture and tradition. People have been playing this game for many years.
  • Social Interaction: Playing Shillong Teer brings people together. Friends and families gather to watch the game and place bets.
  • Excitement: The thrill of guessing the correct number and the excitement of potentially winning make the game very enjoyable.
  • Support for Archers: The game supports local archers who showcase their skills during the event.

Tips for Playing Shillong Teer

If you’re interested in playing Shillong Teer, here are some tips to help you get started:

Helpful Tips:

  1. Start Small: If you’re new to the game, start by placing small bets. This way, you can learn how the game works without risking too much money.
  2. Research: Spend some time researching previous results and patterns. This can help you make more informed guesses.
  3. Join Communities: Connect with other players and join online forums or local groups. You can learn a lot from experienced players and share your predictions.
  4. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on websites and social media pages that share daily predictions and results. This will help you stay informed about the latest trends.

Is Shillong Teer Legal?

Yes, Shillong Teer is a legal game in Meghalaya. The game is regulated by the state government, and all activities are conducted under strict rules and guidelines. This ensures that the game is fair and transparent for all participants.

Legal Aspects:

  • Regulated by the Government: The state government regulates Shillong Teer to ensure fairness.
  • Official Results: The results are officially declared by the authorities, and you can find them on government websites or local newspapers.
  • Licensed Archery Clubs: The archery clubs that conduct the game are licensed and follow the rules set by the government.

Important Tips for Playing Shillong Teer

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when playing Shillong Teer:

Tips for Safe and Fun Play:

  • Play Responsibly: Remember that Teer is a game of chance. Bet only what you can afford to lose.
  • Follow the Rules: Ensure you play at licensed counters or online platforms that follow legal guidelines.
  • Stay Informed: Keep track of previous results and predictions, but remember that winning is never guaranteed.
  • Enjoy the Experience: Have fun and enjoy the excitement of the game. Watching the archers and the community atmosphere is part of the fun!


And there you have it, young archery enthusiasts! Shillong Teer is a fun and exciting game that combines archery skills with a lottery system. The Shillong Teer Common Number is a popular concept that many people use to place their bets. By researching previous results, analyzing patterns, and staying connected with the community, you can increase your chances of making successful predictions.

Remember, while Shillong Teer is a fun game, it’s important to play responsibly and enjoy the experience. Happy playing, and may your arrows always hit the target!

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